House of Commons
Audio-visual performers' rights
EDM #718
Tabled 13 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House welcomes the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Beijing Treaty on Audio-Visual Performances which came into force on 28 April 2020; notes that the aim of that Treaty is to extend the economic and moral rights of actors and performers in audio-visual performances including films, videos and television programs; is concerned that not all signatories who have ratified that Treaty have done so in ways that are consistent with that aim; recognises the importance of the audio-visual industry to the UK economy and the integral role played by audio-visual performers who enrich our daily lives with their craft; considers that ratifying the Treaty in such a way as to allow for the economic and moral rights of actors and performers to be immediately transferred to the producer undermines a performer’s remuneration right; understands the importance of the concept of national treatment to secure revenues from usage of work in other countries; calls on the Government to enable an early ratification of the Beijing Treaty in line with that Treaty’s clearly stated aims; and further calls on the Government to undertake early talks with secondary users to ensure a fair and affordable system for upholding performers’ rights.