House of Commons
Conduct of British Association of Journalists
EDM #723
Tabled 14 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House is appalled by the behaviour of the tiny British Association of Journalists (BAJ), which is not affiliated to the TUC and has no international trade union connection, in reaching a wholly unethical and unprincipled sweetheart deal with the management of Iran International; believes that this move was a deliberate attempt to undermine the rights of minority ethnic workers seeking formal recognition of the National Union of Journalists, whose case is active with ACAS; notes that previously there were no known BAJ members or presence at the company, but understands there is now a single BAJ representative, a senior manager appointed by the union and management, and staff are now being put under pressure to join the union; and supports NUJ members at Iran International, NUJ chapels and branches nationwide, the TUC and wider trade union movement and in offering solidarity in their efforts to secure democratic and independent trade union representation.