House of Commons
Indefinite leave to remain for health and social care workers
EDM #751
Tabled 20 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House recognises the invaluable role of foreign nationals working in the health and social care sector on the frontline of the covid-19 outbreak; applauds their brave and unwavering hard work in the face of such unprecedented and difficult circumstances to ensure people get the care they need; notes that the Government’s announcement of a one-year visa extension excludes many of those working on the frontline, including cleaners and social care workers; further notes foreign nationals eligible for that extension will still need to renew their visa next year at an approximate cost of £700 or leave the country; believes that those measures do not go far enough and that those people who have put their lives at risk for the country should be welcome to live in it; further believes that the only meaningful way to recognise and celebrate the contributions of foreign nationals working in the health and social care sector is to grant them indefinite leave to remain; and calls on the Government to grant indefinite leave to remain in the UK to all foreign nationals currently working in health and social care, and to their families.

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