House of Commons
Eaglesham Street Library
EDM #760
Tabled 21 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House applauds Eaglesham Street Library who have set up and operated a covid-19 friendly community street library during the lockdown period; commends the imagination and community spirit which lay behind the formation of the library by local resident Freya Young; appreciates the community-wide effort of residents dropping off books, DVDs, board games, colouring pencils, jigsaws, calculators and video games; recognises the important work the Eaglesham Street Library has done in trying to alleviate the boredom of children, families and older people in Eaglesham during the lockdown period; notes that books have been available to be borrowed from on-street and have also been delivered to those who have been shielding; further commends the focus of that initiative on reading and literacy; notes the sense of community spirit created through that library and the ethos of reducing waste by rehousing and redistributing objects that residents no longer need to other homes; and thanks Eaglesham Street Library and all those who have contributed and participated in that endeavour for their part in making life a little better for everyone in their local community.

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