House of Commons
Scotland Loves Local
EDM #761
Tabled 21 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House applauds the Scotland Loves Local initiative aimed at supporting our excellent local businesses and town centres; appreciates that that campaign is spearheaded by Scotland’s Towns Partnership (STP) with the support of the Scottish Government; further applauds the collective work of business owners, Councils, Business Improvement Districts, STP and the Scottish Government in focusing on the importance of local business; notes that that multi-media initiative comes at a time when the need for and the benefit of supporting local business has never been more critical; further appreciates the vital and flexible support local businesses have provided to local communities during the covid-19 pandemic period; calls on shoppers to have a renewed focus on their local businesses and high streets; appreciates the convenience, range and quality of goods and services on offer through that initiative; understands the business, environmental and public health benefits of shopping locally; encourages shoppers to think local first; further notes the impact that that initiative will have in supporting economic recovery; and appreciates that our local businesses, shops, attractions, pubs, cafes and restaurants are at the heart of our communities and wishes them well.

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