House of Commons
Eaglesham and Waterfoot Self Isolation Helping Hands Group
EDM #762
Tabled 21 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House applauds the selfless generosity of spirit which led to the formation of the Eaglesham and Waterfoot Self Isolation Helping Hands Group; appreciates the work of that group in supporting the local community in Eaglesham and Waterfoot; notes the impact that that group has had on those who are self-isolating and who may otherwise have been experiencing social and practical challenges because of the impact of the coronavirus; understands that the practical support systems which that group set up and have operated have touched homes all over Eaglesham and Waterfoot; further notes the support provided by that group to those in the local area with shopping, collection of prescriptions, delivering mail and other necessary errands and assistance; further appreciates the kindness which also led the group to provide phone calls to local residents and to deliver bunches of good cheer in the form of flowers to many in the local area whose neighbours knew were unable to get out and about; recognises the impact the hard work and thoughtfulness of that group has made to many; and thanks the group's dedicated and tireless volunteers who have worked together to such positive effect.

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