House of Commons
East Renfrewshire Good Causes hits a million donations
EDM #763
Tabled 21 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House applauds the outstanding fundraising and community focus of East Renfrewshire Good Causes (ERGC); notes that that community focused charity was set up by Russell Macmillan of Newton Mearns; understands that Russell, who is registered blind, set up that charity following a life-saving, pancreas and kidney transplant at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in January 2007; appreciates that Russell felt guided by his personal Christian faith to ensure that following that surgery he focused on community work with the ethos of loving our neighbours; congratulates Russell, and all involved in that charity, on reaching the extraordinary milestone of £1 million in donations of goods and services; notes that more than 2,600 individuals have been helped by that charity; welcomes the inclusive approach ERGC has taken in working with a large number of community groups and organisations, churches, businesses, and individuals to help those who need support in difficult times; acknowledges the innovative and flexible approach ERGC has taken to meeting need and supporting the community in flexible and innovative ways, driven by an understanding of individual circumstances; further appreciates the positive difference that work has made to many people in East Renfrewshire; and thanks Russell and everyone involved in ERGC for their continued focus on supporting all our neighbours and making East Renfrewshire a caring and inclusive community.

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