House of Commons
Michael Sinclair - Diana Award
EDM #764
Tabled 21 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House congratulates Clarkston teenager, Michael Sinclair, who has been honoured with a Diana Award; notes that that award was made to Michael, who is 16, because of his efforts to connect people with nature and the environment; appreciates that Michael was recommended for that Diana Award by Eastwood Rotary Club following a presentation to members on his environmental work in the community; understands that the Williamwood High School student has undertaken more than 350 hours of volunteering in Linn Park where he has worked to encourage biodiversity and sustainability of nesting within the park by leading an innovative and successful nest-box programme; further understands that Michael has set up and chairs his school environment committee; further appreciates Michael's efforts in sharing his skills and experience with others via talks and presentations; applauds Michael's work with groups and organisations in support of environmental sustainability and improvement; further notes Michael's engagement with other young people and understands his positive influence in this regard; and shares a positive appreciation of Michael’s work as a community volunteer, fundraiser and environmental campaigner.

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