House of Commons
Dr June Almeida
EDM #778
Tabled 22 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House acknowledges the remarkable achievements of internationally renowned virologist the late June Almeida from the Dennistoun area of Glasgow who discovered the first human coronavirus in 1964 and whose virus imaging technology has been used to identify covid-19; notes that Dr Almeida overcame many barriers to gain an education after having to leave school at 16 years old without qualifications to obtain a job at Glasgow Royal Infirmary’s histopathology department; acknowledges that Dr Almeida went on to become a pioneer of viral imaging; commends the significant role that Dr Almeida carried out throughout her distinguished career in Scotland, England and Canada including co-authoring the World Health Organisation Manual for Rapid Laboratory Viral Diagnosis, pioneering and improving methods for viral diagnosis, co-authoring numerous scientific papers and teaching many scientists who went on to have distinguished careers; recognises and appreciates the example that the one time June Dalziel Hart formerly of Whitehill Secondary School in Dennistoun, Glasgow has set to girls and young women to train and work in the field of science.

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