House of Commons
Corstorphine Hill walled garden beehive
EDM #782
Tabled 22 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House is deeply shocked by the recent act of vandals destroying the new beehive in Corstorphine Hill walled garden; notes the incredible initiative by local beekeepers in donating the hive to allow for a growing bee colony; recognises the importance of beekeeping as bees face possible extension due to loss of natural habitats; values the importance of community beekeeping in building belonging and inclusion; appreciates the leadership of Natural Heritage Officer, David Kyles, in setting up the beehive; regrets the damage to the hive and the loss of biodiversity in the garden; condemns continuing acts of destruction of park property and the natural environment; and calls on the UK and Scottish Governments to support local organisations such as the Friends of Corstorphine Hill in protecting parks and community spaces.

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