House of Commons
Sarah Chapman’s grave
EDM #785
Tabled 22 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House is alarmed at the imminent plans to mound the grave of Sarah Dearman (nee Chapman), a key organiser of the matchgirl’s strike in 1888 in Manor Park Cemetery, East London; notes that Sarah Chapman played a leading role in the historic strike and that the matchgirls as pioneers of gender equality and fairness at work who through their strike action and formation of the Union of Women Match Makers left a lasting legacy on the trade union movement; believes that Sarah Chapman’s grave is of special historic interest and illustrates important aspects of social, economic and political history; calls on the Government to intervene to stop the imminent loss of an important piece of London’s rich and diverse history; and further calls on the Government to inspect the mounding process to ensure that there is no disturbance of early burials when new graves are dug.

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