House of Commons
St Paul’s Youth Forum and its response to covid-19
EDM #788
Tabled 22 July 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House recognises the tireless work of St Paul’s Youth Forum based in Blackhill and Provanmill during the covid-19 outbreak and the time that the volunteers and youth leaders have dedicated to their community; appreciates the volume of support provided to local people including the delivery of hot meals and food parcels to people shielding, people in receipt of universal credit, people made redundant and not yet paid or unable to access the supermarkets for other reasons; commends the community spirit maintained in Blackhill and Provanmill throughout the lockdown period when the gathering for community meals was not possible; celebrates the delight that personal interaction brought to many socially isolated citizens at a time of increased loneliness; congratulates the dedication and innovation that has enabled the forum to run its socially distanced summer programme for local children; and thanks all of the volunteers, staff, youth leaders and members of the community who gave up their time to make the lives of their neighbours a little brighter during the covid-19 outbreak.

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