House of Commons
Heartstone project in Glasgow North
EDM #886
Tabled 14 September 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House welcomes the efforts of Heartstone a non-profit project helping to educate young people on issues of racism and xenophobia; notes that Heartstone has been working for over 35 years to challenge prejudice and intolerance most recently through its publishing of Heartstone Odyssey, a trilogy of children’s fantasy books addressing issues of race and gender; recognises Heartstone's commitment to tackling bullying and hate crime, the results of which were presented in an event in the Palace of Westminster in 2016; welcomes Heartstone's latest project launching in Glasgow North this year; encourages local businesses and organisations to support Heartstone in reaching its fundraising target; and wishes Heartstone every success in growing the Heartstone project in the future.