House of Commons
Hunterston B nuclear power station
EDM #892
Tabled 15 September 2020
2019-21 Session
That this House notes the announcement by EDF Energy that Hunterston B nuclear power station is set to begin decommissioning no later than January 2022, having been in operation since 1976; understands the site currently employs around 520 staff as well as 250 contractors, and contributes an estimated £54 million a year to the North Ayrshire economy; realises the pressing need to expand renewable energy production in Scotland in order to transition to becoming carbon neutral as well as the need to attract inward investment to North Ayrshire; recognises that EDF Renewables is already one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies, specialising in wind power, solar and battery storage technology and hopes to see a continuation of the development of such technologies in North Ayrshire; is aware that the Hunterston site has huge potential with its highly skilled workforce who are well placed to deliver renewable energy production which would play an important role in helping Scotland meet its environmental responsibilities, while also delivering long-term sustainable economic growth for the local area; and calls on the Government to work alongside the Scottish Government and North Ayrshire Council to ensure that the site’s potential is fully realised to continue to support jobs and investment in the local area in the future.

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