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Manufacturing skills and the national curriculum

EDM (Early Day Motion) 1593: tabled on 08 March 2021

Tabled in the 2019-21 session.

This motion has been signed by 20 Members. It has not yet had any amendments submitted.

Motion text

That this House notes that innovation in manufacturing is of vital importance to the UK economy; further notes that UK manufacturing accounts for some £191 billion of output providing 2.7 million jobs; recognises that closing the skills gap in manufacturing will require 186,000 skilled individuals to be hired every year until 2024; notes that the current national curriculum does little to prepare young people for a career in the sector; recognises a nationwide lack of awareness of manufacturing as a potential career; further notes the calls of small and medium-sized manufacturers for an urgent review of provision in this area; and urges the Government to put manufacturing-centric skills at the heart of the National Curriculum.

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