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Presidential elections in Ecuador

EDM (Early Day Motion) 1627: tabled on 11 March 2021

Tabled in the 2019-21 session.

This motion has been signed by 18 Members. It has not yet had any amendments submitted.

Motion text

That this House notes that Ecuador is set to hold its presidential election run-off on 11 April 2021; further notes that Andrés Arauz, the progressive candidate for the Union for Hope movement comfortably won the first round in February and is favourite to win the run-off against Guillermo Lasso, a bank owner and candidate pursuing a neoliberal agenda; expresses concerns that some people, both inside and outside the country, are intervening in the process in what appears to be an attempt to prevent the elections from going ahead to thwart an Andrés Arauz victory; notes the concerns raised by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges on interference in the election process; condemns recent calls for the military to intervene in the electoral process; and believes the right of the Ecuadorian people to determine their future through free and fair elections on 11 April without any external intervention must be respected.

There are no withdrawn signatures for this motion.