House of Commons
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EDM #1794
Tabled 19 April 1993
1992-93 Session
That this House notes with interest the report contained in The Herald of 19th April that the three honourable Members representing the Scottish National Party were split on whether to support the Conservative Government on the composition of the Committee of the Regions to be set up under the Maastricht Treaty; further notes that the SNP group divided two to one with the honourable Member for Banff and Buchan standing alone in opposition to supporting the Tories; calls upon all three honourable Members to follow the wise counsels of Mr William Wolfe, a former Chairman and President of the SNP, to vote openly at all times in Scotland's interests and to desist from deals with the Tory Government concluded behind closed doors; and requires the Scottish National Party to publicly clarify the position of their National Convener, Parliamentary Leader and Whip in the conduct of this sorry and sordid business.

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