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Sustainable Communities

EDM (Early Day Motion) 748: tabled on 07 December 2021

Tabled in the 2021-22 session.

This motion has been signed by 11 Members. It has not yet had any amendments submitted.

Motion text

That this House notes the importance of sustainability in community growth and development; further notes the aid of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in providing concrete measurements and targets for efforts aimed at improving sustainability at a local level; recognises the positive impact that grassroots sustainability initiatives, like Sustainable Huddersfield, have on their local communities; calls on the Government to champion similar local sustainability initiatives in 500 towns, cities and communities across the country as a mechanism of implementing the COP26 Glasgow Agreement at a grassroots level; and further notes the need for such initiatives to bring about positive change in the broader areas of environmental, economic and social sustainability.