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EDM #1866
Tabled 27 April 1993
1992-93 Session
That this House condemns the numerous instances in which Loyalist paramilitaries have killed or wounded Catholic taxi-drivers in Northern Ireland; further condemns the punishment shooting carried out by the Provisional IRA on Damien McCartan for refusing to allow his taxi to be stolen for a terrorist action on 27th March; notes that the McCartan family have lost 13 members through Loyalist and Republican political violence; commends Amnesty International for accepting the representations of Families against Intimidation and Terror and others and in urging its members to express their condemnations of this action by writing to the Republican Press Centre in Dublin; notes that this is the first time that Amnesty International has taken such actions; welcomes that respected organisation's policy of monitoring abuses of human rights by paramilitary organisations as well as state bodies; further notes that the Provisional IRA commandeered two minicabs in London on Saturday 24th April to carry out bombing outrages on Downing Street and New Scotland Yard but were foiled by the courageous actions of the two drivers; recognises that, as their insurance does not cover terrorist actions, their livelihoods are at risk; and calls upon the Government to compensate them.

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