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Tenth Anniversary of the reopening of Maryhill Burgh Halls

EDM (Early Day Motion) 4: tabled on 10 May 2022

Tabled in the 2022-23 session.

This motion has been signed by 18 Members. It has not yet had any amendments submitted.

Motion text

That this House congratulates all those involved and connected with the Maryhill Burgh Halls Trust as it celebrates ten years since the historic Maryhill Burgh Halls building was reopened in April 2012; notes the Halls, originally opened in 1878 to serve as a police and fire station and municipal facility, had been marked for demolition after falling into disrepair in the late 20th century; further notes the efforts of the Trust, founded in 2004, to save and re-purpose the building as a community hub and venue; thanks the various Burgh Halls Trustees and volunteers over many years for their efforts, including securing £9.6 million from various sources such as the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund to redevelop complex; recognises the Trust’s efforts in making arts, local heritage and history accessible through community events, workshops, walking trails, exhibitions and the establishment of the Maryhill Museum; acknowledges the provision of work placements and the development of employability skills as part of the Trust’s volunteering, placement, and work experience strategy; commends volunteers, board members, staff, Trust members, visitors, supporters, friends, fellow organisations, and contractors for their tireless work to make this possible; and wishes the organisation well for the next ten years and beyond.

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