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EDM (Early Day Motion) 1587: tabled on 11 March 1993

Tabled in the 1992-93 session.

This motion has been signed by 24 Members. It has received 2 amendments.

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There have been 2 amendments submitted to this motion.

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Motion text

That this House marks the retirement of the Daily Mirror's Industrial Editor, Terry Pattinson, who won the hitherto prestigious British Press Association Reporter of the Year Award for his work in smearing NUM President, Arthur Scargill, and General Secretary Peter Heathfield; recalls that his assignment spared no expense, paying disgraced former NUM official, Roger Windsor, ú80,000 and former NUM chauffeur, Jim Parker, ú50,000 which payments have never been reported to Mirror readers asked to believe the testimony of these hired witnesses; recalls that this sordid smear, which accused the miners' leaders of stealing money from their striking members' families, was ordered by and personally supervised by Robert Maxwell, one of the greatest thieves of the 20th century, who was at the time of the articles stealing the same Mr Pattinson's pension; and calls on the Daily Mirror now to acknowledge that the allegations in Pattinson's story are now discredited, that aside from the vast payments to Windsor and Parker, Pattinson published false testimony from two Pakistanis whom he knew to be convicted fraudsters, one of whom is wanted for murder in Cairo, that the courts and the Inland Revenue have accepted that the NUM leaders are innocent of any dishonesty, and that Maxwell and Pattinson's smear was connected to a dirty tricks campaign against the NUM by elements of the security services as revealed by employees of the GCHQ in The Guardian newspaper last year.

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leave out from 'House' to end and add 'regrets the sacking of the Daily Mirror's Industrial Editor, Terry Pattinson, whose work led to the setting up of an NUM inquiry; recalls that as a result of this the NUM National Executive Committee took out writs against the two national officials and was successful in regaining ú742,000 from the MIREDS account in Dublin; notes that this account was set up in January 1985 and was funded by loans and donations made to the NUM Head Office; further notes that the first withdrawal from this account in August 1985 was for the sum of ú100,000 as a loan to the President of the NUM to purchase a second home; and agrees with the report of the NUM's own inquiry conducted by Gavin Lightman QC which concluded that this was a "misapplication of funds".'.
Labour, Rother Valley
EDM 1587A1: tabled on 16 March 1993
leave out from 'House' to end and add 'believes that even a journalist who worked for the Daily Mirror under Robert Maxwell and who exposed cover-ups and financial misappropriation at the heart of socialism does not deserve vitriol from leftist propagandists;is concerned that the articles published in the Daily Mirror and other newspapers reveal that many poor and poverty stricken peoples of the old Soviet states forcibly contributed many millions of pounds to British trade unionists, communists and others to support the left in Britain; notes that despite those disclosures in the Daily Mirror and other newspapers that money has never been properly accounted for in any democratic process to the British or Russian peoples; calls on the Government to set up an inquiry with the Russian Government into the spending and current whereabouts of any such money; and would welcome in the public interest any information that Mr Terry Pattinson, the Daily Mirror and other newspapers can supply to such an inquiry in order that the true extent of the attempt by Soviet communists to subvert the will of the people of the United Kingdom may be made public'.
Conservative, Dover
EDM 1587A2: tabled on 17 March 1993