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EDM #1470
Tabled 25 February 1993
1992-93 Session
That this House notes with horror that following the leak of plutonium from the B204 ventilation stack at Sellafield on 11th February, belatedly reported by BNFL on 13th February, another serious discharge of radioactive iodine 129 took place from the B6 chimney linked to the B205 magnox reprocessing plant on 13th February, which BNFL also kept secret and failed to report in its Sellafield newsletters Nos. 292 of the 16th February or 293 of 23rd February; is very concerned that about 3,000 megabecquerels of iodine 129 was released to the environment, equivalent to half the annual discharge in 1991 alone; condemns once more the closed-door secrecy policy of BNFL; and calls once more for the immediate resignation of BNFL Chairman, Mr John Guinness.

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