House of Commons
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EDM #1062
Tabled 19 April 1994
1993-94 Session
That this House condemns the refusal of the Secretary of State for Wales, the South Glamorgan Health Authority and the management of the Cardiff Royal Group of Hospitals to publish official figures for the failure rate of the Zimmer CPT artificial hip joint, thereby making it difficult for general practitioners' patients and public representatives to confirm or otherwise unofficial estimates that over 10 per cent. of these joints have had to be redone since it was first installed in patients in South Glamorgan in May 1993; believes that this is one of the worst scandals in modern British surgical history; calls on the District Auditor to investigate why the Zimmer CPT was specified as the hip joint of preference in the first place; calls on the Secretary of State to institute a public inquiry into this scandal; calls on the management of Cardiff Royal Group of Hospitals to permit those surgeons urgently requiring to use Charnley and Houes II hips joints to be permitted freely to do so; and urges all of the levels of political and medical decision-makers involved to cease covering up this outrage.

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