House of Commons
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EDM #1192
Tabled 10 May 1994
1993-94 Session
That this House notes that support for a referendum on Europe is gaining momentum within the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties; recalls that on the last occasion on which this House had the opportunity to vote on a referendum on 21st April 1993 the unholy alliance between the Labour and Conservative front benches was instrumental in defeating the referendum bid by 363 votes to 124, while Liberal honourable Members were split down the middle, thereby denying the people their democratic right to express their view on the Maastricht Treaty combined with a separate question on the Social Chapter and allowing the Prime Minister to cling to office; contrasts this with the present refusal by both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Official Opposition to totally close off the prospect of a referendum and the promise of support by the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, and expresses its belief in referenda on major issues of constitutional importance on the principle that the sovereignty of the people should prevail over the outdated concept of Parliamentary Sovereignty.

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