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EDM #1213
Tabled 11 May 1994
1993-94 Session
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That this House welcomes the decision of the Assembly of the European Regions, meeting in Shrewsbury, to urge the EU Council of Ministers to prolong the ban on Bovine Somatotropin for another seven years, as proposed by the Agriculture Commissioner; notes the support of the major agricultural associations of the EU for this precaution; underlines the surplus of milk in the EU and the folly of encouraging further over-production by these artificial means; urges the Council of Ministers to introduce a system of labelling, to identify milk products from countries permitting the use of BST; and demands urgent and thorough examination of the risk to consumers before any further proposals to lift the ban are considered.

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Mr Harry Barnes
"after 'BST' insert 'notes that an attempt was made in European Standing Committee A on 9th February to have BST banned'."
Tabled 12 May 1994
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