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GLC Abolition and London's Future
EDM #816
Tabled 29 March 1990
1989-90 Session
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That this House notes with approval, but not surprise, the latest opinion poll by Mass Observation indicating that 64 per cent. of Londoners want a strategic body able to plan the capital city; believes that London's traffic chaos, inefficient and expensive transport system, rising crime rate and general tackiness amount to a serious deterioration in the quality of life in London over recent years; further notes the fourth anniversary on 31st March 1990 of the Greater London Council abolition, making London the only world capital without city-wide government; endorses the Labour Party's policy statement, London Pride, which promises the creation of a strategic authority for London responsible, amongst other things, for transport, regional planning, roads, the police, fire-service and waste disposal; and looks forward to the election of a Westminster government which will strengthen local democracy rather than continually abusing and undermining it.

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Mildred Gordon
"At end add 'and which should restore County Hall to the people of London, if necessary by compulsory purchase.'."
Tabled 05 April 1990
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